[The Ward - 9mm AR]

[The Ward - 9mm AR]

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This product is dedicated to two people:

First and foremost, to everyone out there that told us we would never amount to anything. 

Second to John Noveske for taking a chance on two guys from Atlanta and giving us a shot.  We haven't forgotten all the things you taught us, we miss you and we will never forget you.

For each product we launch, it is the result of several years working on a design, concept or idea before it comes to finality, this product is no exception.  At [NERD] we combine over 15 years of competitive shooting experience, shooting championships and titles, as well as years of previous work in the "industry" to come up with, what we believe is, the best 9mm barrel in its class.  The end result is the launch of our BrainTrust line of barrels, with the first offering known simply as The Ward.

The Ward 12.5" barrel is ideal for sustained, accurate firing in submachine guns, short barreled rifles, or compact pistol caliber carbine builds where precision is paramount. Each Ward 9mm barrel features a LIFEJACKET coating for durability and corrosion prevention.  Weight : 1.628 lbs.  Threads 1/2x28. 

The Ward 16.1" barrel is built for the shooter needing the absolute in 9mm barrel accuracy for Pistol Caliber Carbine matches, competitions or to train with a length that mirrors that of their AR in 223/5.56 but at the price of 9mm. The Ward 16.1" barrel has a slight tapper from extension to muzzle. Each Ward 9mm barrel features a LIFEJACKET coating for durability and corrosion prevention. Weight : 1.471 lbs.  Threads 1/2x36.

The Ward Ring Radial Fluting gives increased surface exchange for heat dissipation during prolonged firing in full auto or semi auto operation.  Despite the increased surface area and rapid heat dissipation, barrel harmonic changes are nonexistent during extensive testing.  The barrel itself is finished off in a QPQ - LifeJacket coating. This is a multi step coating process resulting in a very uniform consistent nitride layer on all BrainTrust barrels.  [NERD] BrainTrust barrels are hand inspected and test fired for quality control.  Each barrel is individually serialized and date coded using the established Heckler & Koch (HK) method for reference.   Lastly, every single one of our barrels ships with a Certificate of Authenticity matching the unique serialized barrel, signed by [NERD] founders, ensuring this product meets our standards and is worthy of your time and hard earned money.


Name: The Ward

Chamber: 9mm Match
Lengths Available : 12.5” or 16.1" NOW AVAILABLE!
Profile: Ring Radial
Twist: 1/10 Twist RH
Thread Pitch: 1/2x28mm (12.5" barrel) or 1/2x36mm (16.1" barrel)
Material: 4150 Steel
Finish: QPQ - Lifejacket- Forsaken Black
Weight: 1.628 lbs (12.5" barrel) or 1.471 lbs (16.1" barrel)

To order our NC 9mm Brake click here: http://www.weare-nerd.com/shop/nerd-nc-nano-9mm-brake

For questions or dealer interest please email us : Sales@WeAre-Nerd.com.

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