[NC NANO 9mm Brake]

[NC NANO 9mm Brake]


[NERD] founders have spent the last 15+ years of combined competitive shooting experience at over 300 local, state, national, and world championship level events as well as numerous gold medals, silver medals, national championships and more to develop a brake that is truly built by real shooters for real shooters.

With that experience and [NERD] passion behind all our products, we are pleased to offer the NC (Ninja Cock) NANO 9mm brake.  The NC NANO Brake is ideally suited for 9mm sub guns or pistol caliber carbines whether used for duty or competition. 

The NC NANO Brake features a single chamber designed to maximize the effectiveness of the comp in a 9mm sized package, while keeping the overall length of the gun to a minimum.  The muzzle of the NC NANO was sculpted with the [NERD] Compliance Cut for those who decide to act a fool but don't deserve to eat a bullet just yet...

The NC NANO Brake is made from 4150 steel and is black melonited for durability.  The NC NANO comes in three thread pitches: 1/2x28, 1/2x36 and 13.5x1 LH.  Weight is .115 pounds.


Shown in the photos is the DS NANO brake in 223 next to our 9mm NC NANO brake for size.

For additional questions, distributor or OEM questions please email us: Sales@WeAre-Nerd.com

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