About [NERD]

[NERD] (Next Evolution Research and Design) was conceptualized in 2014 after being told by many in the gun industry that we couldn't do it or we shouldn't do it. Those words are motivation to [NERD]'s founders. We don't need buzz-word filled mission statements. Our products will stand on their own merit and speak for themselves. We believe in Design with you in mind.

All our products are designed and built by and for discerning shooters, competitors and craftsmen from all backgrounds.  All our products are built right here, in America, by Americans.  Small batches and controlled production runs ensure consistent quality and uniformity.  Nothing is mass produced as we strive to deliver only the best, a single unit at a time in some cases.

And remember,

It starts with your head, then use your hands, if you try it in reverse, you don't even have a chance.

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