True Professionals - 2018 Edition

True Professionals - 2018 Edition

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Our first shirt ever released was the “True Professionals” 2014 Edition shirt in black and white. Four years later, we still get requests for another run. For the last two months of 2018, we decided to bring it back.

“True Professionals” was a term we used during a time of transition. We saw our best friend depart and things around us were moving in a direction we didn’t personally agree with. Despite this turmoil, we remained “True Professionals” in every sense of the word. On the back is of this shirt is a simple statement that we believe embodies a true professional.

  • Don’t Give Up

  • Don’t Fake It.

  • Don’t Have To.

We see people do the aforementioned time and time again, they give up, they fake it or they feel they have to do something because “so and so” is doing it too. We wear this shirt as a reminder to remain true to who we are, where we come from and what we believe in.

The “True Professionals” 2018 Edition is limited to this run for 2018 in this color combination. Once we are sold out, we will not order any more.


  • American Apparel Tri-Blend Grey T-shirt

  • True Professionals on the front of the shirt across the chest.

  • Don’t Give Up, Don’t Fake It. Don’t Have To. across the back of the shirt.

  • This is the softest shirt, we don’t like sandpaper against our skin, so we only wear what feels great, period.

  • USA‑Made and printed to our spec.

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