[Vice Grip Belt Keeper]

[Vice Grip Belt Keeper]


We all know the stock belt keeper that comes with any competition belt is sorry. 


We got you though. 


The [NERD] Vice Grip Belt Keeper follows on our design concept of building things better.  Made with a special laminate material which allows for making tough and above all else, keeping your belt tight and secure to the inner belt while keeping comfort at a maximum. The Vice Grip has plenty of length for you to get excellent purchase with a full wrap, no more floppy belts or weak keepers.

Oh yeah... we didn't forget the velcro for the patch on the back side of the wrap too.

9" Long
1.5" Wide

Velcro for your changing taste in morale.

Colors: Forsaken Black, Peanut Butter Wolf.

NOTE: Patch not included. Shown for example of velcro only.

Questions or dealer interest? Email us: Sales@WeAre-Nerd.com.

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