[Magazine Mausoleum SubGun Pouch]

[Magazine Mausoleum SubGun Pouch]


With the success of the [NERD] Pistol Coffin 3 Gun holster comes a magazine pouch to match. The [NERD] Magazine Mausoleum is guaranteed to keep your magazines right where you want them, whether it's for all eternity or just for a few moments.  Handmade and hand sanded by shooters for shooters in Atlanta, Georgia, the [NERD] Magazine Mausoleum secures your magazine with adjustable retention while keeping a slim profile to maximize belt space.  Reversible belt clip allows for left or right hand carry. Each Magazine Mausoleum SubGun pouch is designed for large stick mags, so the mag will sit right and tight no matter how rigorous the movement.

Each Magazine Mausoleum Pouch is user configurable for retention/reload speed and location.

Designed to be compatible with Teklok and the ELS fork for angled and straight up carry.

Belt clip included. Teklok & ELS fork not included.

Available in the following magazine patterns:

- Sig MPX

- Glock 33 round 9mm

-CZ Scorpion


-Colt / UZI Pattern 9mm - Available now

-HK UMP 45 ACP and 9mm - Available now

A note about the Colt Magzine Mausoleum:

1. Mag inserted for maximum retention the mag catch hole lines up with the Kydex for retention.

2. Mag inserted backwards for fastest competition reloads. Can still be tensioned down for a secure carry.

Questions about this product? Email is directly - Sales@WeAre-Nerd.com

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