[DD NANO .22 Cal (22LR/223Rem/5.56) Brake]

[DD NANO .22 Cal (22LR/223Rem/5.56) Brake]


You didn't ask for a .22 cal brake... but here's one anyway.

The [NERD] DD NANO is ideally suited for your Deuce Deuce aka The Deuce McAllister aka What The Deuce aka Droppin Deuces aka The Lil' Deuce Deuce aka The Double Deuce aka Deuces Wild aka 22 LR aka your 22 Long Rifle firearm. 

But wait... there's more, the [NERD] DD NANO will also work on... 223 Rem, 223 Wylde or 5.56 NATO chambered rifles/pistols too!



[NERD] DD Brakes are made from 4150 steel,

Black Melonited for durability,

Thread pitches: 1/2x28,

Now Go Drop a Fat Deuce on The Competition.


Questions, dealer interest or OEM sales email us : Sales@WeAre-Nerd.com


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