[Coffin Nail Charging Handle]

[Coffin Nail Charging Handle]


[NERD] has always wanted a stronger, more resilient charging handle for the AR-15 system of weapons.  A standard mil-spec charging handle uses a weak roll pin which can pose a problem if this pin is damaged rendering the handle useless.  

Coffin Nail Charging Handle fixes this roll pin issue and more with the following unique and patented features.

  • The Coffin Nail's ambidextrous design eliminates the stress point on the internal pins. The Coffin Nail Charging Handle features three independent, stainless steel internals, which ensures stress is virtually eliminated.
  • The Coffin Nail Charging Handle provides wider, easily accessible  levers that are simple to reach, even while wearing gloves or with a large optic mounted on the weapon.
  • The ambidextrous tac latches are independent, allowing either one or both levers to be pulled at the same time, virtually eliminating the risk of a bind or malfunction. 

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