[NERD] + Matt Helm Knives + Veil Solutions "SuperFriends" Knife No. 6

[NERD] + Matt Helm Knives + Veil Solutions "SuperFriends" Knife No. 6


SuperFriends Collaborations... the [NERD] take on the "industry partnership" except we did it with our friends. True friends.  The kind of individuals you would be glad had your back in a fight, whether it a gun fight or a knife fight.  Our "SuperFriends" collaborators were friends of ours before [NERD] came into existence and like us, they too started a small business with the same core values.

[NERD] teamed up with those we believe adhere to our core principles; hard work, dedication and follow-through.  These principles, coupled with the fact these items are painstakingly made and bring to life true craftsmanship in working, weaponized form. 

On this page you will see the first limited run of [NERD] + Matt Helm Knives + Veil Solutions "SuperFriends" blade packages.

Each blade is handmade in Texas by Matt Helm of Matt Helm Knives a true gentleman and artisan, who describes himself as an, "after-hours spark-thrower grinding pointy things in Texas, regular guy."

Each blade features a custom made sheath built by Veil Solutions, our partner on the [NERD] Pistol Coffin 3 Gun Holster.   Veil Solutions purpose is also simple, to build "hard use gear, made by shooters. Quality>Everything."

We believe you will find the items featured in our SuperFriends section to be of the highest quality, of the finest craftsmanship, and truly one of a kind.

Featured here is a one of a kind custom knife with the following specs:

One of One - [NERD] + Matt Helm Knives + Veil Solutions "SuperFriends" Blade No. 6, aka "The Phantom of The Opera"

"Bare Bones" style with "modified round knob" handle,

Handcrafted and honed using 1/4 inch thick tool steel, overall length 7.25"

Asymmetric grind,

Texture gimping on the handle,

Custom Veil Solutions Kydex Sheath in Dire Wolf Grey with matching Dire Wolf Grey Kydex eyelets and belt loop attachment,

 [NERD] quality assurance guarantee, you'll love this knife, if not, we are happy to take it back. Period.

Note: Length, Width and Height are close but not exact, each blade shown in this collection is unique and no two are the same.  For exact measurements please email Sales@WeAre-Nerd.com.

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