Pistol Coffin Installation

Thank you for buying a [NERD] Pistol Coffin 3 Gun Holster. We take great pride in our flagship product and want to be certain you get a detailed walk through during the assembly process to be sure your getting the most out of your Coffin.  Each Coffin is handmade, handcrafted, and handpacked, by hardworking, red-blooded, American shooters, like yourself.  So from us to you, again thank you for your confidence in our product, it won't let you down, that is our promise to you.

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Pistol Coffin Hardware & Tools Needed

All hardware screws, posts and washers seen here are included with each Pistol Coffin.

Tools needed: Phillips screwdriver, blue thread locker. Not included.

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Installation Step : 1

Install (3) serrated lock washers onto the (3) threaded long posts as pictured.


photo 3.JPG
photo 4.JPG

Installation Step : 2

Insert the posts with lock washers installed through the mounting holes from the inside of the holster.










Installation Step : 3

Install the (3) rubber washers onto the threaded long posts on the outside of the holster as pictured.





Installation Step : 4

Apply thread locker to the long mounting screws included.





Installation Step : 5(a) Option

Install (2) of the 1/4" black spacers on each of the threaded posts for a 1/2" offset spacing as pictured.




Installation Step : 5(b) Option

You can also just install (1) of the 1/4" black spacers on the post then install the hanger and add the remaining spacers on the backside of the hanger. The same (3) long screws can be used for either configuration.





Installation Option : 5(a)

Pictured: 1/2" Spacer set up.





Installation Option : 5(b)

Pictured: 1/4" Spacer set up






Installation Step : 6

Apply thread locker to the (3) smallest mounting screws included.





Installation Step : 7

Install the (3) small threaded posts into the mounting holes in the upper portion of the hanger as pictured.





Installation Step : 8

Configure belt attachment hinge side down and use the upper mounting holes in the belt attachment.







Installation Step : 9

Make sure to measure the belt that the holster will be attached to and adjust the (2) spacer bars included to secure and limit flexing at the attachment point.  Pictured: Correct spacer bars mounted for a 1.5" outer belt.




Final Step and Concluding Thoughts

The finished assembly will have the holster and belt attachment at one of the shortest drops to keep flexing at the draw to a minimum.

It is recommended to have your inner belt as tight as comfortably possible to evenly distribute the load and prevent fatigue and holster flex when the outer belt is attached to it.  This insures a consistent drawstroke even when a higher retension is set on the holster.

For additional questions, please email us directly : Sales@WeAre-Nerd.com